A Night in November

Twas a night in November and at the White House,
New walls were erected to bunker the louse,
Whose crimes had infected the country with fright,
That he'd stay there in power on election night;

With children in cages, and skies burning red,
And Two hundred thousand Americans dead,
A protesting momma who marched in the streets,
Almost had her brains bashed in by police;

When over the country there rose a great cry,
The People would not let Democracy die!
Away to the polls I ran like a flash,
I brought bottled water, my phone, and some cash;

The moon settled low by the new morning star,
As I got to the high school, and stepped from my car,
When what to my wondering eyes did I find,
But ten thousand voters, who stood in a line;

There were little old ladies, and young people too,
There were women and men, who were all voting Blue,
They wore masks to protect one another with care,
And they socially distanced while gathering there;

Some sang, and some chanted, some stood in the mix and,
they hated old Trump even worse than Dick Nixon!
To the top of the line where our ballots were cast,
We'd count every vote, from the first to the last;

So I filled out my page, I marked where I'm siding,
I stand with Democracy, Harris and Biden.
With a tear in my eye then, as I put on my coat and,
I picked up a sticker declaring I voted;

And then, like a twinkling, I just couldn't shake it,
I called into work and I said I can't make it,
I jumped on the Metro, to Lafayette park,
Where I stood in a vigil to wait until dark;

As the polls were all closing from Maine to Spokane,
I saw armed paramilitaries drive up in vans,
The army had mobilized, as Trump had long warned us,
And now armored vehicles were blocking the corners;

The mounted police formed a line to our east,
And they barred all the ways that we had to retreat,
My heart grew uneasy, I felt scared for my life,
The whole nation was poised on the edge of a knife;

But then came reports, we all saw and we knew,
The tallies were coming in: blue, blue, and blue,
From Maine to Ohio, from Texas to Georgia,
Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Florida;

Trump and is criminal cadre had failed,
On this night Democracy's voice had prevailed,
Any idea of a challenge, any lingering notion,
The Blue Wave had washed it away like an ocean;

And then from behind me, a noise like a song,
Of the voice of new marchers, one million strong,
They joined our small vigil, they swelled our weak ranks,
They drove off the armies, militias, and tanks;

My heart leaped for wonder, it sprang in my chest,
I sobbed out of joy and relief like the rest,
But I heard him exclaim, o'er the new White House moat,
"Who the hell let all these damn people vote??!!